Confirmation (6th-8th grade)


6th, 7th, and 8th grade confirmation classes will be held every Wednesday beginning at 5:30

Different this year: confirmands have the choice of sermon notes, taking home faith journals or journaling where they see Jesus and how they can be more like Jesus. It’s all about living our faith, talking about faith, sharing, being our faith. Do what deepens faith and strengthens our relationship with God.

Acolyte Schedule

Nov 6        Matt Alberts & Carsten Walker

Nov 13     Cash Meier & Bridget Meier

Nov 20     Katie Rainforth & Mollie Nielsen

November 27   Abigail Osman & Madison Mandel

November 30  Ashlynn Boell & Allie Boell

December 4 Jacob Dickson & Brianna Dickson

December 7  Jamison Evert & tamra Faubel

December 11  Jax Jacobson & Matt Alberts

December 14  Anthony Schantz & Braden Schantz

December 18  Caleb Price & Zerek Price

December 24    (5 pm) James Hansen & Trevor Francis

December 24   (7 pm) Logan Consbruck & Matt Alberts

December 25  Cash Meier & Bridget Meier